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Risographed prints


Folding Folder
…a folder of pre-scored auxetic folding patterns

This folder contains 8 risographed posters (2 of each design) featuring auxetic folding patterns for maximum folding joy.

These origamic patterns give paper an unusual spring-like behavior: if stretched L/R, they also expand up/down.

Besides offering a pleasingly-stretchy experience, these patterns offer an alternative means by to produce mechanical movements. (For example, in contexts where actual mechanics are impractical because of the scale—like in tiny stints.) The front of each poster includes instructions, as well as information on the functional applications of each fold. The prints are tucked into a custom folder made by Talas book binding supply. Includes: The Miura-ori fold, Ron Resch's Square Twist, a modified version of the classic Waterbomb pattern, and an experimental Sequent fold


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Each sheet is printed with a pattern on the back and an explanation of its origin and technical/mechanical significance on the front. Each folder contains one pre-scored print. RISO-printed on recycled, sustainably-produced Mr. French paper in Brooklyn, NY (some printed by me, some by The Circadian Press.)

Video supplement to the printed, diagrams here.


This was originally a workshop at the Exploratorium and inspired a new course at the School for Poetic Computation.