Books that become other things

What can paper do?

This Book is a Camera

The book includes:

- a piece of paper folded into a working 4x5" camera
- A lightproof bag
- 5 sheets of photo-paper "film"
- Development instructions (use household ingredients or photo chemicals)
- A satisfying demonstration of the connection between design & science / structure & function
- A companion lightmeter app for iPhone (but any light meter will do if set to ISO 10 and f/228)


This is a working camera that lives in a pop-up book.

The book concisely explains—while actively demonstrating—how a structure as humble as a folded piece of paper can tap into the intrinsic properties of light to produce a photograph.

Published by the Museum of Modern Art.

Companion lightmeter app for iOS:

It takes photo that look like this:

Video: How a piece of paper folds up into a camera

More information available here.

Free template available for download there too—should you wish to build your own (or to resist the urge of deconstructing a pre-built book.) Assembly instructions here.


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