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Experiments, alive!

A big client project got delayed and some paper-engineering work is stuck in feedback-tennis with the manufacturer. And so: I got to spend much of June and July playing with new-toys-and-techniques-of-interest—to see what they could do. Experimentation and summer are natural allies: no to pre-determined plans, yes to bonding with the physical world, time= “10 […]


The void only you can see

What to do with wide-open creative freedom?   For the past year, I’ve worked on my own independent projects thanks to a generous pilot program by the software company, Adobe. (More on my Creative Residency with them here.) If handed the freedom to make anything, what would you make?, is a lovely riddle with intimidating […]


On Reasoning and Touch

Ever go back and re-read something you wrote a year ago? It’s handy if you wish to trick yourself into setting fire to the calendar, your responsibilities, and lose a week to re-writing. This article was originally written for Issue 5 of The Manual, but due to a publishing delay, it sat around for a […]


A Music Video for They Might Be Giants

I’ve been thinking a lot about how dreams blend into waking life for a music video—a project that felt like a bit of a dream itself. If “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul” (as environmentalist Edward Abbey once remarked), being a designer may provide lifelong cover from such an affliction. The practice […]


This Book is a Camera (really)

Book Camera Book Camera — A dream project turned legit-thing-you-can-buy*! ^ (or make!) *Thanks to an enthusiastic response, the book is backordered until February. Apologies for any holiday inconvenience this has caused! For the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for the right sequence of cuts and folds to turn a piece of paper […]