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The Book is a Camera (really)

Dream project turned legit-thing-you-can-buy! ^ (or make) For the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for the right sequence of cuts and folds to turn a piece of paper into a camera. Specifically, I wanted to make a working camera that automatically pops-up from a book, whose pages explain why it works and gives […]


Because the internet is really big…

They say that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but I’m beginning to believe that a little bit of a hunch is far more risky. In the midst of a creative residency awarded by Adobe, my full-time responsibility is basically to explore hunches. On their best days, these inklings illuminate the path […]


Creative Residency

I’ve been using this blog to present completed projects. The internet seems to bend towards “finished.” Which is understandable — unfinished work is tricky to share. Intentions are less evident… and it often involves ugly pictures of plywood. But I think if done right, showing process can cede a bit of psychic authorship to the […]


Where Records come from…

“They were notorious for making their records out of dirt (literally) from the Milwaukee River.” —Dean Blackwood (Revenant Records) The path that music from the past takes to arrive in our hands today is often so tenuous—the odds so stacked against its documentation (much less its preservation)—that it is truly amazing that we have any […]


Talking While Female

Most of us have received unsolicited feedback about our speaking voice at some point in our lives, but few are likely to endure the level of scrutiny apportioned to female NPR correspondents—whose voices constitute their public-facing identity. When Kainaz Amaria and Claire O’Neill approached me to animate NPR’s report on Talking While Female, I was […]