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My first gallery show, Around & Around

In light of current circumstances, 75% of proceeds (more if I can swing it) from the show and online sales will go to organizations. (Split between the Southern Poverty Law Center,, and CIEL climate science defense.) Through December 23, 2016: Around & Around at Mule Gallery, SF Wednesday–Friday • 1–6pm Saturday • 12-6pm   ^ […]

Experiments, alive!

A big client project got delayed and some paper-engineering work is stuck in feedback-tennis with the manufacturer. And so: I got to spend much of June and July playing with new-toys-and-techniques-of-interest—to see what they could do. Experimentation and summer are natural allies: no to pre-determined plans, yes to bonding with the physical world, time= “10 […]

The void only you can see

What to do with wide-open creative freedom?   For the past year, I’ve worked on my own independent projects thanks to a generous pilot program by the software company, Adobe. (More on my Creative Residency with them here.) If handed the freedom to make anything, what would you make?, is a lovely riddle with intimidating […]

On Reasoning and Touch

Ever go back and re-read something you wrote a year ago? It’s handy if you wish to trick yourself into setting fire to the calendar, your responsibilities, and lose a week to re-writing. This article was originally written for Issue 5 of The Manual, but due to a publishing delay, it sat around for a […]

A Music Video for They Might Be Giants

I’ve been thinking a lot about how dreams blend into waking life for a music video—a project that felt like a bit of a dream itself. If “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul” (as environmentalist Edward Abbey once remarked), being a designer may provide lifelong cover from such an affliction. The practice […]