Sxsw Posters, etcetera

I sadly missed all of the new music at SxSW (again), but appeared there in spirit via some design goods.  I created posters, banners, stencils, hand fans (who knew?), and postcards listing Dig for Fire’s showcase this year.  You can experience the showcase vicariously through the videos filmed last week—which appear on the front page of YouTube (!) for the next day or so—or here any time thereafter.

The posters were super-fun to design due to the assignment’s complete and utter vagueness.  DFF’s showcase featured acts diverse as Edwyn Collins, Cass MacCombs, Tune-Yards, and James Blake.  No single visual umbrella could possibly cover these disparate styles, so I opted for a vague science-fiction-meets-Americana/Texas-meets-paperback-novel “theme” replete with a levitating French Legation Museum.

Thanks, @daylights, for pointing out the below (awesome) reinterpretation of the poster’s function, which appears in the James Blake video.

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