Solar Power Pops

I just designed a bright orange popsicle truck that evangelizes solar energy. It is actually a popsicle truck covered in popsicle-shaped-infographics about solar energy that distributes free popsicles! The multitasking contraption also runs off of solar energy when stopped, effectively demonstrating how solar can power the activity of a bustling kitchen. This fun project, lead by Jason Anello, is going to roll towns wherein this solar power company... Read More

Sxsw Posters, etcetera

I sadly missed all of the new music at SxSW (again), but appeared there in spirit via some design goods.  I created posters, banners, stencils, hand fans (who knew?), and postcards listing Dig for Fire’s showcase this year.  You can experience the showcase vicariously through the videos filmed last week—which appear on the front page of YouTube (!) for the next day or so—or here any time thereafter. The posters were super-fun to design... Read More

Tiny colorful buildings

Drawing little brightly-colored buildings is one of my favorite ways to pass the time.  (It is the closest that I will ever get to being an architect.)  This obsession first got a platform when working on the hankerchief-map wedding invite and I’ve been able to revisit this indulgence lately while designing packaging, infographics, and stickers for Airbnb. Airbnb (an internet company that allows people to rent space/lodging to travelers)... Read More

Videos on top of videos.

The WordPress platform—at this stage in its development—is a huge beast, but is also a perfect petri dish for design experimentation. It is super-powerful, advanced, and open source… Also: People like it. Take all of those amazing advantages and add the fact that WordPress trends towards redundancy. Most sites created in WordPress end up looking… well, “Wordpress-y.” This makes it seem like the platform is begging for a bit of experimentation,... Read More

Collaborative Fund is up!

It has been very project-y around here lately! One of these projects just went live, and I wanted to do a quick, predominantly visual post about it. It’s for a new company called  Collaborative Fund. Although the fund is an amalgamation of several people’s ideas, it is really Craig Shapiro’s project. Craig recently stepped down as president of GOOD magazine in order to start a monetary fund to assist for-profit companies with a social... Read More

New Client Work .:. Nov.

In my maiden post, one of the reasons cited for creating the blog was to keep myself accountable to my self-initiated projects.  But sometimes (like this entire November for example), opportunities present themselves that are too good to pass up.  This past month, I have been working with two start-up companies that I admire. Each is idealistic and socially-responsible in a small way:  20×200 makes buying real art affordable for the internet... Read More