Solar Power Pops

I just designed a bright orange popsicle truck that evangelizes solar energy. It is actually a popsicle truck covered in popsicle-shaped-infographics about solar energy that distributes free popsicles! The multitasking contraption also runs off of solar energy when stopped, effectively demonstrating how solar can power the activity of a bustling kitchen. This fun project, lead by Jason Anello, is going to roll towns wherein this solar power company... Read More

Videos on top of videos.

The WordPress platform—at this stage in its development—is a huge beast, but is also a perfect petri dish for design experimentation. It is super-powerful, advanced, and open source… Also: People like it. Take all of those amazing advantages and add the fact that WordPress trends towards redundancy. Most sites created in WordPress end up looking… well, “Wordpress-y.” This makes it seem like the platform is begging for a bit of experimentation,... Read More

CMS’s: Party in Front…

…Business in the Back. The term CMS (or Content Management System) describes technologies which separate the functional/structural code of a website from the content. They are particularly useful for websites with templated pages (like portfolio websites)—making these sites much more efficient to update. In this article, I’ll provide a little bit of insight into how/why my new site was created— and will also cover things to consider when... Read More

Documenting Work

Historically, I’ve lacked an interest in adequately documenting work. Websites have run their complete lifespan without me ever expending the 30 seconds on taking screengrabs. Drawings have decomposed to a state of smudges and dust before going into the photo studio. The resultant grainy phone photos and lorem-ipsum filled web page comps populated all too much of the old site. There is no good excuse for this sorry state of affairs—but... Read More