New_ Public (+ some other meaningful things to do this week)

(from my tinyletter) I just finished the stop-motion opening title sequence (and social media branding) for New_ Public, a conference about the future of online public spaces happening this week. How can we make open public space on the internet impervious to being coopted by white hate groups? Can these spaces be assembled in a […]

A month at the Exploratorium

    C, M, Y (no K!) lightbulbs plus a magnifying glass equals this. Striped light plus a rounded piece of plexiglass equals this.   Adrienne Rich’s poetry is best known for its impassioned critique of oppressive systems (typically: capitalism or the patriarchy.) Her poem, Hubble Photographs: After Sappho, showcases conflicted feelings regarding scientific enlightenment […]

Russ & Daughters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Designing a new 18,000 square feet for an old NYC institution   It’s been almost five years since we completed work on Russ & Daughters Cafe—the beloved 105-year-old appetizing shop’s sit-down complement—in 2014. Since then, people have thrown parties there, John Zorn programs a monthly music series with downtown musicians there, and last week’s “Broad […]

Folding as Craft Tech

    “Modern industry saves us endless drudgery, but… it also bars us from taking part in the forming of material and leaves idle our sense of touch, and with it, those formative faculties that are stimulated by it.” —Anni Albers   Two things: 1.) I am organizing a new, experimental course at the School […]


    “…Order comes from chaos and chaos from order, and this harnessed just right…creates art.” —Jerry Saltz on Fiscli & Weiss’s entropic 1987 chain-reaction film, The Way Things Go     —— This stop motion animation was developed for The Universe in Verse, an evening of poetry and science created by Maria Popova on […]

Sexual Harassment PSA Poster

Posters for sale (and free download for DIY printing) here!! We now have Spanish and Chinese language versions as well. So excited that NY Magazine interviewed us too! In an Eater article published late last year, freelance food journalist Tove Danovich wrote this about the stark disconnect between the laws protecting against sexual harassment in […]

This Book is a Planetarium (<-it is!)

“Taste, touch and smell, hearing and seeing, are not merely a means to sensation, enjoyable or otherwise, but they are also a means to knowledge – and are, indeed, your only actual means to knowledge.” —Thomas Aquinas   In the futuristic-sounding year of 2017, I published a pop-up book of mechanical paper tech. Expanding out […]

And Then…

A quick note to say: a new site is coming really soon by my friends at Oak (pardon the dust and non-responsiveness in the meantime…) I devised the branding for SVA’s Visual Narrative students’ final show—And Then…. I’ve attended in previous years and have been consistently impressed by the remarkably wide (and intrepid) variety of […]

My first gallery show, Around & Around

In light of current circumstances, 75% of proceeds (more if I can swing it) from the show and online sales will go to organizations. (Split between the Southern Poverty Law Center, 350.org, and CIEL climate science defense.) Through December 23, 2016: Around & Around at Mule Gallery, SF Wednesday–Friday • 1–6pm Saturday • 12-6pm   ^ […]

Experiments, alive!

A big client project got delayed and some paper-engineering work is stuck in feedback-tennis with the manufacturer. And so: I got to spend much of June and July playing with new-toys-and-techniques-of-interest—to see what they could do. Experimentation and summer are natural allies: no to pre-determined plans, yes to bonding with the physical world, time= “10 […]