Videos on top of videos.

The WordPress platform—at this stage in its development—is a huge beast, but is also a perfect petri dish for design experimentation. It is super-powerful, advanced, and open source… Also: People like it. Take all of those amazing advantages and add the fact that WordPress trends towards redundancy. Most sites created in WordPress end up looking… well, “Wordpress-y.” This makes it seem like the platform is begging for a bit of experimentation,... Read More

Collaborative Fund is up!

It has been very project-y around here lately! One of these projects just went live, and I wanted to do a quick, predominantly visual post about it. It’s for a new company called  Collaborative Fund. Although the fund is an amalgamation of several people’s ideas, it is really Craig Shapiro’s project. Craig recently stepped down as president of GOOD magazine in order to start a monetary fund to assist for-profit companies with a social... Read More

CMS’s: Party in Front…

…Business in the Back. The term CMS (or Content Management System) describes technologies which separate the functional/structural code of a website from the content. They are particularly useful for websites with templated pages (like portfolio websites)—making these sites much more efficient to update. In this article, I’ll provide a little bit of insight into how/why my new site was created— and will also cover things to consider when... Read More

New Website+Vote!

Spiffy New Website The new portfolio website launched after several weeks of hard design/coding work and even harder editing/writing. The concept was to create a romanticized workspace—making all of the tools of an art/design career more whimsical, reinterpreting their rational function. The top of each project page becomes a timeline ruler, against which all projects are dated. Graph paper, crop marks, and incremental perforation forego their... Read More