A Paper Record Player

I just finished up a really fun project—a paper record player wedding invitation! In the booklet-style invitation, a bit of paper-folding amplifies the sound of a sewing needle moving along the grooves of a flexidisc record. The hand-spun record yields a garbled, but scrutable listening of an original song by the couple. It requires a bit of tinkering and folding —effectively championing the inner science-nerd kid in the recipient. The whole thing serves as an interactive packaging for the song—which can be experienced on the paper record player, unscrewed + set on a regular turntable, or enjoyed online (for the non-nerds and/or audiophiles out there.)  Here is a video of the player in action:

So that’s what it is. Pretty cool, eh? Download the entire song here. It is under a free culture license, so you can even remix it if you feel compelled.

Although this project really begins with Mr. Wizard re-runs in the 1980s, we started thinking about it a few months ago when Karen and Mike realized that they needed an invitation to their Spring wedding. Mike and Karen are two pretty awesome friends of mine—Karen advocates for the rights of programmers/inventors/coders as a lawyer at the Software Freedom Law Center (and DJs by night) and Mike is a Grammy-nominated sound engineer. I’ve long considered their love of music and collaborative auditory endeavors (such as their Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile-Girl song) a touching aspect of their relationship and an important part of our friendship (I met Karen at a concert.) It therefore felt really important that the invitation reference the social role of music in bringing people together… and ideally would feature an original song by the couple to seal the deal. Karen and Mike immediately got it, loved the idea, and wrote the catchy track that appears on the flexi. We then only had to figure out how to make the invitation play it…

Our little research and development group (comprised of the couple, me, and my better half, Daniel) propelled the project forward through myriad (and oft-disappointing) material trials. We all fumbled around with piles of different types of paper, needles, screw posts, felt, cork, adhesive with the determination that some combination of these things could work. Mr. Wizard made it happen after all.

The resulting booklet is comprised of a cover, two inner pages, a letterpressed band (with instructions and a tear-off RSVP postcard), and a flexdisc on a screwpost. The recipient bends the second page of the booklet back to create a tented “arm.” With the needle placed, they then carefully spin the flexidisc at 45 RPM (ish) to hear the song. The sewing needle travels the length of the song and produces the sound. Its vibrations are amplified by the thin, snappy paper to which it is adhered. To keep the needle down on the record, we reinforced the back of the “tent” with a spray-mounted half page of heavier cardstock. To reduce friction between the acetate flexidisc and the backing cover, we had the inside of the booklet laminated to be slick and conducive to hand-spinning.

A major breakthrough came when we realized that the ideal sound was produced when the tented page created a perfect right triangle with the flexidisc. The needle needed to be perfectly perpendicular to the flexidisc. (@Pythagorean theorem: at long last, you are an ally!) We also discovered that the “tent” needed two loosely-swinging bends to allow the record needle to travel as freely as possible. By creating two parallel folds, we essentially made the angle at the peak of the tent variable as needed. At the beginning of the track, the ideal angle of this peak is about 15 degrees. By the end of the track, the arm needed to stretch further towards the center of the flexi, with an ideal peak angle of about 35 degrees.

We never did track down the right screwposts. The minimum height of all screwposts in the whole damn world is 1/8″ (we wanted 1/16″) The hole in the flexi was a standard-sounding .25″, while the girth of all screwposts is .21″. So we painstakingly wrapped the posts with 5 inches of .5mm contact paper for a snugger fit and less wiggle. While not all of the parts are ideal (and the player does not sound like Bose by any stretch of the imagination) it does produce sound and audible lyrics even!

But… With all of my music in mp3 form now (not to knock that evolution), it has been really fun to tinker with the reality of music as tangible, physical vibrations—an abstraction so elegantly expressed by the wavering grooves of a record. The connection of paper with needle with record with finger is gratifying. The warbled drumbeats and seasick guitar feel like an orchestra propelled by tiny finger movements.  There is something alchemical and magical about these humble, non-engineered materials producing sound (even though that sound is incredibly lo-fi.)

As a fallback measure (if the record-playing didn’t work for whatever reason), the package sure as hell had to look great. The cover and interior page patterning was inspired by concentric record grooves. The clear flexidisc functions as both a traditional record and as sort of an interactive story of Mike+Karen’s future together. The disc is foil stamped with a simple black illustration of the couple, along with the message to “please join Mike and Karen… .” This phrase and the simplistic illustration are completed by turning the transparent record to 6 o’clock – “… at their wedding”, 9 o’clock – “… as they play music together,” 12 o’clock – “… as they eat / drink / be merry,” and 3 o’clock – “… as they grow old together” (complete with a moo-moo muu-muu for Karen and some plaid golf pants for Mike.)

Thanks Karen, Mike, and Daniel for being idealistic and working hard with me on this one. Thanks Pirate’s Press for making flexis for us!

PS- Influence graphics printed the digital offset parts and I printed the bands at The Arm in Williamsburg.

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193 Responses to “A Paper Record Player”
  1. Remember acetate discs? Those were the days …

  2. pilus says:

    you really should consider embedding FB Share/Like functionality into your blog …. just my two cents

    and … uhh … that paper record player really awesome man … so original :)

  3. Elaine Chin says:

    Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing. You give added meaning to the sky’s the limit.

  4. Roy says:

    For a Jewish wedding, would be neat if it played the hora — traditional Jewish celebratory circle dance.
    And the disc could have a drawing of people dancing in a circle; they would then move along to the music.

  5. sharon says:

    Hi Kelli

    found your blog and was really impressed by your project for your friends. was wondering if i could purchase a copy? really wanted to have a hands-on feeling of how it really works. It’s awesome! please do advise? thank you very much



  6. Raquel says:

    wow this is amazing!Inspiration is much appreciated!

  7. Your site give very helpful information about paper record player.Its very unique.I like all the content of your site.

  8. Fact says:

    For a long time celebs have flocked to designers like sheep clamoring for their renowned gowns when it was time to make their grand entrance. But now, trendsetters like Paloma Faith, Scarlett Johannson, Winona Ryder, Katie Perry, and Barbara Streisand are selecting to produce their very own unique type, picking vintage clothes rather!

  9. Maria says:

    is remarkable. can be purchased like a postcard, and where?)))

  10. Fantastic Post! You have just found yourself a regular reader of your blog!

  11. elisabeth et louis says:

    designer Kelli Anderson, incroyablement efficace , unique et ludique, ceci nous a épaté , retenu pour notre mariage, nous avons 127 ans en additionnant nos 2 âges, nous nous marions en cette période 2011 /02012.

  12. Jenny Yackel says:

    Kelli~ My fiance and I met at a nightclub. He was the DJ.
    I am incorporating records into our wedding and came across this.
    Is it possible I could purchase these from you for our invite? I would be ever so grateful…

  13. Ross Edghill says:

    Beautiful use of typography, colour, format and print finishing wrapped up into an amazing concept!

    … really inspiring work.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Next time, don’t use “Two Thousand and Eleven” use “Two Thousand Eleven”.
    If the first one is used then it would mean 2000.11 not 2011.

  15. Sean Keith De Wine says:

    Hey Kelli, I absolutely loved your piece at the Phoenix Ted Conference. How do I add you on to my facebook page? Where are you based out of? I am also an artist and currently working on a project to integrate science and art together. You have a new fan-You are exciting and as I watched your video I laughed and smiled so thanks for that it was well needed here.Sean Keith De Wine AKA Skeith De Wine

  16. Best wedding invitation I have ever seen! This is so amazing and very creative. The guests who received this wedding invite are so lucky!

  17. pamela says:

    What an amazing project!! This is brilliant.
    My son will turn one in July and he already acquired from his dad a love for music . So I want to do a music theme party for him. I know this was made for your friends only, but I was wondering if there is an exception for my little boy birthday party


  18. dcmt says:


  19. Jeesun Kim says:

    This is crazy – love it!

  20. Christina says:

    This has affected me as a designer in a deep, profound way. It is inspiring to see something so original! I am compelled to do more and design better.

    Thank you.

  21. Asia says:

    Bardzo fajna strona. Ciesze się że na nią trafiłam.


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  119. [...] and gramophones made of paper? OK, consider it done. This paper record player by artist-designer Kelli Anderson is so incredible, we can’t even describe it. Basically all you have to do is to flip a page, make [...]

  120. [...] and gramophones made of paper? OK, consider it done. This paper record player by artist-designer Kelli Anderson is so incredible, we can’t even describe it. Basically all you have to do is to flip a page, make [...]

  121. giarmisen says:

    [...] + Kelli Anderson Share this:TwitterFacebookMe gusta:Me gustaBe the first to like this. AndersonbodainvitacionKellipapeltocadiscos ← Previous post [...]

  122. [...] ganze Geschichte kann auf Kelli’s Homepage nachgelesen werden, wir beschränken uns auf einige Fotos und ein Video, das den Plattenspieler in [...]

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  126. [...] may have seen her work before, ranging from her majorly popular paper record player wedding invitation, to infographic work for Airbnb and Collaborative Fund. She clearly stands out as a designer [...]

  127. [...] Adorei tudo nessa decoração! Móvel lindo com vintage stuffs, quadros, cadeira…5. Convite mais criativo ever EVER dos últimos tempos! Dá pra acreditar que é uma vitrola de papel?? (via)Paper Record [...]

  128. [...] Mike 與 Karen 這對新人的婚禮邀請函與眾不同,裡面除了附上他們自己原創的歌曲,還有一台唱片機!雖然播放出來的是有一點模糊的聲音,但是這樣的創意卻還是讓人非常驚喜。在 kellianderson.com 的文章裡面,除了包含整個規劃的過程,更有描述為了讓唱針不要彈起的雙褶痕設計這樣的細節,能夠看到這樣好玩且吸引人的設計真是過癮呀!影片內的你聽到的音樂,可以到這邊下載。 [...]

  129. [...] A little more poking around on Creative Mornings turned up this nugget by designer Kelli Anderson.  Her creativity is inspiring,  particularly her paper-record-player-wedding-invitation.  You can find more on that project here:   http://kellianderson.com/blog/2011/04/a-paper-record-player/ [...]

  130. [...] She also showed that you can take mundane, everyday items and make them into something magical. For her friend’s wedding, she made plain paper into musical wedding invitations. [...]

  131. [...] with them does. Did you know you an ordinary piece of paper and a sewing needle could be used to create a record player embedded in a wedding invitation? Neither did Kelli Anderson, but she and her friends had an idea and they figured out how to make [...]

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  137. [...] wedding invitation. Not only is it a beautiful piece of meticulous design, created by designer Kelli Anderson for clients who DJ, it is an actual working record with original music! Yes, we told you it’s [...]

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  139. [...] amazing. She was also the artist that produced the paper record player I mentioned above (view it here) and this past summer she worked on an installation at the New York Public Library (view it here). [...]

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  143. [...] We have seen some really cute and creative wedding invitations since starting Love and Lavender, but nothing as high-tech as the invitation we are about to show you.  Karen and Mike both have music as an important fixture in their lives (Mike is a grammy nominated sound engineer and Karen is a lawyer, but DJ’s by night), so its no wonder they wanted to have music front and center. They put together this record invitation with the help from Daniel and Kelli. [...]

  144. [...] Misiune indeplinita. Este o capodoperă. Citeste mai multe detalii despre incercarile si necazurile de a face acest invitatie de nunta de la site-ul original, Kelli . [...]

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  146. [...] Award for the coolest wedding invitation goes to Kelli Anderson. I fell for this design at first sight. To learn more about her process in designing the paper record player visit Kelli here. [...]

  147. [...] thoughts. You might have seen her work earlier than, starting from her majorly widespread paper record player wedding invitation, to infographic work for Airbnb and Collaborative Fund. She clearly stands out as a designer [...]

  148. [...] thoughts. You might have seen her work earlier than, starting from her majorly widespread paper record player wedding invitation, to infographic work for Airbnb and Collaborative Fund. She clearly stands out as a designer [...]

  149. [...] ser mais bonito e é bastante criativo. Para saber o processo de criação desta arte é só clicar aqui! Também tem o vídeo aí embaixo:VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/22306468O casamento é um laçoPara [...]

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